This girl

Welcome! Hi, I’m Nadia! A Brazilian girl that loves food, wine, data and triathlon. Currently based in Atlanta!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Girl Tri Talk is a way for me to learn from my experiences and get better at it.

These days I mostly work, train, travel and race a lot. Not necessarily in that order. I started Girl Tri Talk to log all my races and honestly, to connect with more women that also like triathlon. Because if you have not noticed, triathlon is a boys club, just like my work place. I am a Finance professional that likes solving complex problems using data in BI, Six Sigma Lean practices and service management.


Since I started in 2012, I’ve completed from sprints to the full Ironman. I lost count of the number of sprints, Olympic and half Ironmans I have done and I am currently training for my next Ironman. I really enjoy the full distance, mostly because I have a great group of gals that I meet every weekend for a ride and that makes everything fun.

But there is not a lot of us riding. So I am hoping more and more women join me on this tri journey. Yes, I encourage you to join me. I want to spread the word that anyone can do a triathlon if you are committed to the mission.


There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. Madeline Albritgh

Disclaimer: Everyone can do a triathlon, but please consult your physician before starting a diet or exercise routine. I am not a fitness/medical professional or nutritionist, I do have a team that helps me through my journey and I can not thank them enough. 


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