This girl

Paulista Avenue the day before. The biggest financial center of Latin America and where I used to work before moving to the US.

Me @ my hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hello and Welcome! I’m Nadia, a Brazilian living in the United States of America, completely in love with the triathlon world. But it has not always been like that, I used not to work out at all before falling in love with running. 

I am the active kid, turned into an unhealthy college grad/full time employee, turned into a runner, and then, finally turned into a triathlete. And guess what? I really really  love triathlon.

So I started Girl Tri Talk to log my races, to talk about products and struggles and, honestly, to find more women that also liked triathlon. Because if  you have not noticed, triathlon is a boys club. I am hoping more and more women join me on this journey. Yes, I encourage you to join me. I want to spread the word that anyone can do a triathlon, including you.

Sharing this piece of my life is an output so I don’t spook anyone non tri related in my life, like my boyfriend. Ha! I believe that self-knowledge is key in our lives. Learning from experiences is the only way to grow, so question yourself and others, ask lots of questions and always be open to a new perspective. Balance it out and have a goal. It is always easier when you know where you are going.

Nadia_RodriguesPS. While I try to do it all, my grammar might suffer. So please do not get frustrated with all my grammatical errors. 😉

There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.Madeline Albritgh

Disclaimer: Everyone can do a triathlon, but please consult your physician before starting a diet or exercise routine. I am not a fitness/medical professional or nutritionist, I do have a team that helps me through my journey and I can not thank them enough. 


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