Ironman 70.3 Miami

Miami is always a fun destination. Now, imagine if there is a triathlon in town? OH yeah, the city was full of triathletes. I love Miami, but the trip started bad. No, no… my bike was fine. I send through Tribike Transport and couldn’t be more anxious (in the end of the trip, I couldn’t be happier with that choice!) I had accommodation issues, my Airbnb got canceled 4 days prior to the arrival date. It was stressful from the get-go. I found a hotel room but as you can imagine, last minute accommodations are very expensive. They were also crappy but close to the race. Me and my friend decided to get a big car because we were afraid that picking up the bike would not be easy on foot. Wrong. Lesson learned. At least, I got to drive an Armada. Man, what a gigantic car!!!

The day before: Early morning for swimming and biking. We got to do a bit of both and the day was beautiful. I probably walked and ate more than I should before race day. (Who can resists Nutela crossaints? I know I can’t). Got my race package, checked in my bike, did breakfast groceries and went for dinner. It was a very nice day. And I managed not to buy anything extra at the expo: t-shirts, bags and all that crap I don’t need it anything. But it soooo tough!

The day of: Woke up early, got ready, ahd the usual breakfast. Even tough, we were close to the race, we decided on Uber. I figured there would be enough walking and exercising for the day. Transition closed 1 hour and 30 minutes before my wave. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I did not enjoy standing around. I watched people come and go for a long time before it was my time to swim. My friend started 1 hour and 10 minutes before I could wet my feet. Fun times, right? All good. But I keep looking at people and the buoys and they seemed to be moving further and further away. Is that even a possibility?  I am seeing things, finding excuses. Stop!

Swim: It is an ocean swim and there is a current, so my expectations were not that high. But, I was expecting to do on the low 40’s. Doable, right? Well, it is also a canal and the buoys actually moved. It is possible. So I swam way more than I should but at the same time, everyone on my age group did that too. I didn’t think it was that bad because I was passing people from other waves and I was in the middle of my age group. But man…as soon as I walked out and looked at the watch. Argh! I swam more, way more. Mentally that pissed me off! Mainly because I wanted a fast race, meaning a new PR. Oh well… After the race, I looked at the data and there was no zigzagging… so the course was just long. I remember keeping the buoys close, so it seems that they actually moved. I researched a bit later and the average time for the later wave was higher… It wasn’t pretty and everyone out of the water was complaining. Well, suck it up buttercup! Time: 50:00, Age group position: 29/82

T1: Keep moving, I say to myself. But I am mad. I grab my stuff and go. Mad. Time: 2:28

Bike: Flat, fun and windy (very windy both ways… of course!) but I loved it. I would have enjoyed more if I had let go the swim time. But since it was very windy, so I am not sure how much faster I could have done it anyway. There was tiny hill (some kind of tunnel/access), I passed one guy and yelled: “I can tell you are from Florida!”… minutes later, he passes me and I laugh. The another one hill and the same thing happens on the way back with the same guy. We both got a kick out of it. Some people were cheating and doing pelotons. Why??? That is just so annoying. I don’t even want to talk about it. If you do it, I just hope you get disqualified. The ride was fun, I lost a bottle at mile 3-4 (again?!?!) and had to use Gatorade for nutrition instead. I should start training with Gatorade sine I lose all my Accelerade bottles all the time. Time: 3:01:33, Age group position: 29/82

T2: Was it fast? It seemed to be taking forever. I came out and I hear someone yelling my name. I look back and it is my friend Claudia (from swim team, she recently moved to Florida and came to see me!!!!). It was so awesome to see a friendly, cheering face! I loved loved that she came. I hug her and apologize at the same time. I am sweaty! I yell: “See you in 2 hours” … then I think, maybe more… Time: 3:59

Run: The run was flat, with one bridge that it felt like a massive hill, but for Atlanta standards…. it felt like a downhill!) It was a 2 loop, I got to see my friend that was racing too during the run. It was her 1st 70.3 and I could see she was hating it. The run was hot but it was also windy, so it felt somehow refreshing to me. For the first time, I ran nonstop and it felt great. Time: 2:13:22, Age group position: 29/82

The race was good. Swim was not easy, it was too long. The bike was fun but people drafting really upset me. If you can’t comply with the rules, you should not be doing these races. Rules are meant to be followed. The run was fun, I am not sure if it had anything related to the fact that my friend was waiting and that my bike that wasn’t super aggressive; but it was a well planned run. I was ready to hurt, which is very unusual to me. Haha! The good news is that I managed to keep my position through the race, so I was consistent. Top 35%, 29/82 participants on my age group.


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