Georgia Peach Women’s Tri

Sprints are hard. I usually hate them but the Georgia Peach (previously Acworth Women’s Tri) is a really cool race. Organized by Georgia Multisports, it is a small local race with lots of familiar faces and awesome food. Yeah, I do races for its food. Why not, right?? I earned those calories! However this year, I had different reasoning for this race. I did my extensive research on last years’ results, my results and I got really excited about the possibility of placing on my age group. I packed all my gear, set my alarm to 5 am  and went to bed.

acworth3The day of: Woke up before the alarm, pre-race jitters as usual. The race started at 7:30 and it was a hour away. While I was having breakfast, a friend of mine texted me to let me know that there was an accident on the highway. Do I need the extra excitement on  race day? The universe is conspiring against me. I have no idea how to get there, I look for alternative routes and I am late. I make the executive decision: breakfast on the road, while driving. I hate it but better safe than sorry. The drive is longer and def slower using back roads but I make it on time. Then, the race director delays the start 15 minutes because of the accident. Well, it seems that I could have had breakfast at home.

acworth1Swim: I know I can go hard for 400 yards without dying. Since it is mostly a beginner’s race,  I positioned myself in the front of the pack. My wave was the first one to go and I was 4th out of the water on my age group. Time: 7:59

T1: I am determined as I come out of the water. I am in and out of transition as fast as I can, the fastest on my age group. I am now 2nd on my age group, it seems it pays out to be quick here.  Time: 0:37.

Bike: I do okay for most parts of the course bike. My climbing is very weak and midway on a hill in the middle of the 13 miles, someone from my age group passes me. ARGH! I can’t keep with her and I am trying hard. Damn Hills. Around mile 10, my coach passes me (she started later and caught up) and she tells me to stay aero as much as I can. I guess I was not aero as much as I thought. Average of 17.9 mph. Time: 43:31

T2: I can’t be 4th, so I keep moving. I take a little extra time to put socks on. Time: 0:47

Run: It was a bit of a hilly run and it seems I didn’t have it any energy left. I had a gel and keep moving but I feel drained. I hate those hills , my pace is slowing down and I walk for 30 seconds. Go figure… I continue to run but then, I walk again. What is going on?? I keept thinking, I gotta work on hills while I walk them. I remember someone passed on the bike and I continue to run. I am mad at myself for giving it up. I am walking and it is 1/2 mile to go. Guess what? Someone from my age group passes me. ARGH! At this point, I am done so I finish it but I am hopeful that I am 3rd, at least. Awful run, bad mentality for someone wishing to place right? Time: 29:32 

Final Time: 1:22:23 and I am 4th of 21. It was my best sprint time but it didn’t feel like it while doing it. Could my body handle and my head was doubting it? Did I give my very best? It is tough to say, sprints are uncomfortable and I hate that. If I want to place, it is time for me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, fighting it through and shutting down any thoughts in my head. acworth2

Nutrition: Breakfast: the usual bagel and orange juice. Race: 1 GU gel prior the swim, 1 bottle of Accelerade on the bike, water, 1 GU gel on the run.

The race is organized by Georgia Multisports, usually happens in August. Women only, beginner friendly and I highly recommend it. The food afterwards… Ill give you a sneak peek.


Chocolate Fountain, Marshmallows and Strawberries. Need I say more?




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