Tri the mountains

IMG_2162I hate climbing. I hate climbing. I hate climbing. What am I doing here?? That is all I was thinking while driving to Blue Ridge. I drove with a couple of friends, we spent the night at a cabin. Oh man, I did not sleep good but when one sleeps good right before a race, right? The race was a sprint tri: 600 yard swim, 18 mile bike ride and 5k run. Have I ever told you I also hate sprints? I am not sure what I am doing here.

The day of: Got up early, had a quick breakfast and drove to the race site. We were about 30 minutes away so we were rushing a little bit. Got a good parking spot under a tree (biggest win of the day!) and headed to transition. The race was small but there were so many familiar faces. It was really cool to see everyone: my coach, my boss, my nutritionist, friends from the gym, friends from school and friends of friends. Damn, what a small but popular race.


Swim: Easy. Fun. Warm. A really awesome open water. I was not rushed and I really enjoyed it. The sun coming up was the cherry on top while swimming. The sighting was a bit harder but it was just so beautiful and peaceful. I really needed that. Time: 13:44

T1: I forgot my rubber bands, so I had to run on my cycling shoes till I was able to mount in. Argh! Fine, I run/walk and try not to fall. Time: 2:18

Bike: I tried to be positive about this, but damn… so many hills. The lack of sleep, the hills… I was done before starting. It got to my head and I let myself go easy, or better yet, I forgave myself for only trying to finish. That is exactly what I did. I managed to climb the hills consistently, pedal harder on the down hills and survive the between. Fine. I hate climbing because I suck at it. I really have to work on it. Time: 1:08:23


Looking speedy on the downhill.

T2: Dismount and ran on those damn cycling shoes. Well, I am close to the entrance. I can deal with this. Time to get ready for the run. I decide not to wear socks… Only God knows why, I put the shoes on and I start running out of transition, I am already regretting that decision. It is too late now. Suck it up. Time: 1:10

Run: The first mile up is uphill, I have a gel and keep moving. Hmmm… my stomach starts making loud noises. I keep going but then, it becomes louder and I am uncomfortable. I see a gas station half way through the run. Quick stop, I feel better and the last mile is uphill. Suddenly I have blisters. You probably saw that coming. I start hating hills again. I see the finish line, I run as fast as my blister allows me. I am done, I am happy and I think: I have to do this again next year. Time: 33:49

Final Time: My worse time but also the hardest sprint I have ever done. Next year, I will love climbing. That is a promise. Time: 1:58:23

Nutrition: Breakfast: the usual bagel and orange juice!. Race: 1 GU gel prior the swim, 1 bottle of Accelerade on the bike, 1 GU gel on the run.

If you want to find out more about this race, you can click here. The race is organized by Georgia Multisports and I highly recommend it.




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