Georgia 400 Ride

This season was supposed to be the perfect season but I am starting to realize that life gets in the way of my triathlon plans. Lots of people visiting me, which means lots of drinking, eating out and way less focusing on training. I don’t mind but then I have to realize that I can’t just sign up for a 45 mile hilly ride. But yet, I do those things. I signed up and did not even crossed my mind that it would hurt. After all, “it is only 45 miles”… Well, let me tell how that went….

I drove by myself and met my friends there. I made just in time to find one of the last parking spots at the start location. The ride started at 7am; surprisingly and luckily, the weather was very mild…considering it is the beginning of July. I couldn’t really ask for a better weather. (Thank you for whoever is looking after me up there!!!)

The highway!!!

The highway!!!

RIDE: I have never done a bike race. As you can imagine, there are a lot of cyclists and they are all pretty close to each other. It was a bit nerve wracking, especially because I was on a tri bike. So many bikes, I tried to keep my cool. Then, something showed up in the way and I didn’t have time to swerve so I went over it. Nothing happened. Maybe it was a bottle? I got over it. There was no flat, I calmed down and we went on to ride on the highway. That was awesome. It was only from one exit to the other but it was pretty damn cool. I think I smiled the whole way till, the highway was done and the hills started. The hills were done only after 45 miles… Did you know that there is something called 3 sisters? As in 3 hills? One of them is called BIG sister.

Those hills did not disappoint, my legs were on fire. They might still be. I did not think I was that unprepared, I really thought I was doing okay. Ha! Till the moment where this guy on big fat fires passed me on a hill… YEAP. And before you say anything, we were passed the midpoint for the shorter rides. This dude was kicking my butt with the biggest tires I have seen in my life. I should retire. Like right now. Or I should aim to not to be passed by someone with fat tires. Mini goals, rights? I don’t like quitting so I will just try something before I completely give up on my athletic and pathetic life. Ha! FAT TIRE PEOPLE, WATCH OUT FOR ME! (In case you are not understanding…Road bikes are easier to ride on the road, the fat tires are way harder to ride faster. Yeah. I am that bad, but I don’t quit!)
Will I do it again? Probably! The ride was fun, but the climbing was very challenging.

Did it really take me this long?

Did it really take me this long?

If you are interested, this ride happens every year in Atlanta. You can find more information here.


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