Peachtree Road Race

Peachtree Road Race is an awesome way to experience America’s independence day. I love it so much that my calendar is usually blocked so I can be part of it. Last year, my work calendar did not help and I missed out all the rain. This year, I was determined not to miss whatever was to happen. After all, if you live in Atlanta, you can not miss the city’s tradition.

It is a must do experience for everyone. Not only runners are allowed, all levels and experience are permitted. There are very fast runners to walkers. It adds up to the biggest 10k in the world with 60,000 participants and another 200,000 people cheering. It is unbelievable, you are never alone, you are never discouraged, you are always smiling. There is always someone yelling “You are almost there” when you really aren’t. 

The cherry on top is the t-shirt on the finish line. The design is voted by the public but only revealed on the day of the race. It adds a lot of excitement and you can wear it as a badge of honor. I know I will be wearing mine. We all deserve it, it was the hottest since 2005 and my most unusual pre-race too.


The weekend before: A really good friend was visiting. We decided to do day trips and shopping. There was a lot of walking involved, some alcohol and not a lot of sleep.

The day of: I was planning to run to the closest Marta Station Brokhaven, but I woke up late and that didn’t happen. Luckily, my friends were just as late and hangover as I was. The start was just one station away and we got there just in time to walk to the start line and run. It was good, because there were no nerves at all.

The race: I just started running. Weather was 75F+ and it was not even 8am. I struggled pretty much till the end. The first 3 miles are downhill and I stuck around my friends but as soon as I finished the first hill, I felt like I was about to overheating. I slowed down and decided to enjoy the scenery as much as I could while putting ice and water in my head. So many characters, so many people cheering. It is just an absolutely blast. It is THE Holiday to spend in Atlanta. I finished in 59:30, my worse time in 4 years but my best hangover. Ha!

There is more next year. Come join me! Registration usually opens in March. More information at



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