Waterfront Chattanooga: Olympic

And it happens again. As much as I love Chattanooga, my races there are usually shitty. Triathlon is all about timing and this time, it was bad again. I got back from a 3 week vacation and went travelling for work the week prior. Ha! With no further due… let me tell you how it went.

The day before: Arrived around 2 o’clock and headed directly to the expo. Got the packet, racked the bike, saw some familiar faces and got to rest a little before dinner. Dinner was at Big River Grill and it was pretty good. Service took a little longer than usual, they were pretty packed but it was good food.

The day of: Woke up early, got ready, packed the car, drove to transition. It was super early and was able to get a parking spot close to transition, under a tree. I had the breakfast in the car: bagel, cream cheese and orange juice. Set up the transition, got in the bus for the swim start. Waited forever, had one GU gel about 15 minutes before my swim start.IMG_1870

Swim: No wetsuit legal, strong current. I got into a cool grove and it was nice swim. Not too bad for the past couple weeks off, I start to think that this race might not be so bad. Time: 0:26:17

T1: There was a lot of running to get to the bike, I made it as quick as I could. Heart monitor strap, helmet and sunglasses. All on, so out of there. My shoes were clipped in. Time:0:03:14

Bike: Shoes on and then…. started hot and it got worse. Ha! The course was on the highway, no shadows, long steep hills. I felt everyone passed me on the bike, I got annoyed but there was nothing I could do differently. This was the 2nd time I was on my bike since Rev3 Knoxville (which happened a month ago…). Time: 1:39:24

T2: I made the mistake of sitting down. Oh no! Time: 0:03:25

Run: The course is flat, there are two hills and a set of stairs. It would not be bad if it wasn’t for the heat. One of the stations ran out of the water and I happen to pass them twice. Instead they had ice, I put some inside my hat and eat some. I had to slow down a lot and walked on the aid stations. Time: 1:08:53

Final time: 3:21:15. Not my best, I am yet to have a nice race day in Chattanooga. But there is nothing like beer to fix a bad race day and Chattanooga never disappoints!


me, my friend and my beer. Cheers to race day.


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