Rev3 Knoxville: Olympic

We, humans, are never very content with what we have. Last month, I was at West Point Georgia complaining about the cold weather. Well, I am here to complain about the 80F+ weather from this Knoxville race. Like I said, we are never happy with the things we have got.

Since Knoxville was a little bit further than usual, I decided to drive on Friday night and traffic was not that fun. It took me longer than the planned 3 hours. Got in very late and completely passed out, missed my morning easy run and almost had to skip the open water practice swim.


Me and Tennessee bear.

This was my first time in Knoxville, which I found out only after that was in the middle of the mountains. Yeah, my geography is not that great. Also, my first time racing Rev3 and I was pretty pleased with their customer service and race organization. They provided lots of support prior to the race by calling every participant (At least, the ones I know) to clarify any questions they might have and the practice swim was also very well supported the day prior the race. (Cold water, so wetsuit legal race).

Instead of resting, I did the practice swim, walked around the city and spend some quality time with my boyfriend. He never comes to my races, which according to my dad is totally understandable. Apparently, it is quite boring for a non triathlete. Anyway, the point is I did not rest. Oh well, had tons of food I should not have and I drank “some” wine.

The day of: Woke up early, had the usual breakfast (bagel and cream cheese, orange juice) and head to the start. The roads were closed so had to walk a little bit to transition. About 0.5 mile walk, set up the transition, went to the bathroom and waited till it was my time to start. I had a gel 15 minutes before the start.



We started putting the wetsuit and then, remembered to take a picture. Can you tell?

Swim: The swim was point to point, but there was a turnaround point. It was wet suit legal, the water was cold and there was some current. It felt so long, it took me a while to get into a rhythm. Probably the wine or the food? My stomach was a little upset, but I kept moving. It really took forever. Time: 0:30:31

T1: It was a long run to get to transition. I had issues taking the wetsuit off, I guess you need to practice that as well. My shoes were already clipped in. I was way more successful this time. Time: 0:03:40 

Bike: The course was not super dupe hilly, but the hills were long. Maybe one or two hills were too steep but not too bad. I didn’t think that the route was very scenic. I did not get lost but I know a lot of people did.  Time: 01:27:36

T2: I took shoes off on the bike. So it all happened in this order: bike racked, socks, shoes, grabbed my hat and started running to go out. While running, I put my belt on and hat. Time: 00:01:21

Run: I look at my watch and it seems that I have time to make it under 3 hours. I get a bit excited and go. Oh man, it was a bit warmer than I was used to. But I decided that I was not stopping till I had nothing in the tank. And that is how it went: a negative split. Wooo whooooo! Probably my fastest 10k coming out of the bike. It felt awesome. Time: 00:54:32

Final time: 02:57:40. A PR, 6th on my age group. Not too Shabby right? Well, it was out of 15 people but that is almost top 40% which in my book is better than average. The race was good. It would have been much better if my friend was not involved in a bike crash. Pretty scary! A car turned left in front of her while he was coming down hill, during the race…. But that is not my story to tell. All I can tell is she doing great.

137517-009-033h (1)

You gotta love a free picture.

Race date: End of May. Nutrition: Breakfast (bagel, cream cheese and orange juice). One GU gel before swim start, one bottle of Accelerade on the bike, one GU gel before run start and another one on mile 4. 


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