Marathon Blues

Marathon training is not easy. During the peak weeks, you can run up to 60 miles in a given week. That is a lot of miles, it is about a hour drive on highway. (unless you live and Atlanta, then it is about 45 minutes. Nobody respects speed limits around here). My point is that training for a marathon means running far, very far. It requires a lot of dedication, commitment and patient. My training goes well and I only regret signing up when it is peak week. It is a cycle, I hate it and then comes taper and I love it. Tapering is fun, everything seems to easy and you are so full of energy. The secret is not to push it and after 60+ mile week, I know for a fact that I do not want to push it.

Then comes the marathon, I run for 20 miles and struggle the last 6 miles. All I can hear in my head is I am not doing another one anytime soon. And as soon as you cross the finish line, you know another one is coming soon. Yeah, you know where this is going. I am already thinking about the next one. Recovery week brings me the blues, the marathon blues. Is it crazy to say I miss the training? The routine?


Whitney and I

I woke up this morning and got ready for my run: 3 miles. I debated going out as soon as I woke up. After all, 3 miles is only 30 minutes right? Well, I took my time to leave the house (but I did) and when I left it was already triathlon season. Yeap. It means it felt like summer running. It was 72F and no wind. Once done, I knew it that all translated into “my running season is completed and triathlon has officially kicked in”.

It means that I am ready to suffer not only running but also biking and swimming. I love the heat, it doesnt matter that my performance sucks. I just enjoy being outside in the sun. Last year, I was out of the country so I miss all the tri fun in the sun. This season, I am planning to be outside no matter what. It starts tomorrow with a bike ride OUTSIDE.

Recovery week is finalized, and I am tired of feeling energized. I am ready to feel exhausted. I want my head to complain so I can get push a little bit more,  get a little bit more uncomfortable and crush my 2016 goals. For this tri season, I want to get faster and for me, that means finalizing an Olympic under 3 hours.

The marathon blues? I am coping with triathlon for now but I also hear that fall is a great time to run a marathon. Oh yeah…



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