Thanksgiving Half Marathon

I have been living in Atlanta for a couple years but this is the second time that I spent Thanksgiving in the USA. Why? It is usually very cheap to travel abroad (great time to see family and friends in Brazil) while everyone else is trying to get somewhere within the country. Last year, I anticipated my trip because of a good friend’s wedding and this year, I decided to hang around. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the most popular holiday for running?

I am runner… so how can you stay home if you know there is a race out there? I couldn’t! So I signed up for the Thanksgiving Half Marathon again. I had good memories about last year’s race despite the 35F weather. This is not how it went this morning…

RACE DAY: I woke up at 5:25, changed and was out the door. Got my usual breakfast (bagel and orange juice). Drove to Tuner Field, arrived an hour prior to the race, which contributed to a perfect parking spot, right in front of finish line. Weather seemed cool, but my car said 45F (not that bad…) and the app on my phone said 10mph wind. Hmm, wind can be tough. I debated for the full hour on winter gear… knowing I would regret either way I decided on. Ear warmers, arm warmers and gloves were on me by the time I made to the starting line. And you are right if you think I would not have needed none of them. 😐 I was not happy about those arm warmers. (well, got no one else to blame but me! I guess last year clouded my judgment…)

I did not have big aspirations but I planned a pretty cool playlist. I remember hills towards the end. (Eminem would help me conquer them). As soon as I got to my wave start, I saw the 1:50 pace team. I GOT VERY AMBITIOUS. I had a GU gel. The race started and that ambition was gone after only 3 miles. Ha! Let’s be realistic, I knew I was dreaming… but a girl has got to dream! So I kept them on sight, they were never too far away. Just not close enough for me to catch them. The 6 mile mark was at 52 minutes for my 10k pace. I am pretty sure I have never run that fast. I was pumped and decided to take another gel, it was over a hour already.

Yes, another GU. And then, it all started. GI issues. Did you know that there are not restrooms after mile 8 in this race? Yea, I looked for one for the next 5 miles while I tried to run without any “accidents”. Hills were tough. I guess not being in my right tummy/mind quite did not help. At mile 13, my shoe untied and I had to stop to fix it 😦 I finished my best on the course 2:01:42 and went straight to the bathroom. Despite the GI problem, it was a great race. I enjoyed the weather much better than last year. It is not easy course but I enjoyed earning all my vino. This has officially become my tradition for Thanksgiving.

What is your running tradition for Thanksgiving?


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