Ironman Chattanooga 70.3

OVERDUE RACE REPORT! Sometimes life happens in the middle of triathlon. Well, my life has been doing that to me. I haven’t been consistent on my swim, my bike ride are mostly on the trainer and I have skipped some weekday runs due to scheduling issues. I am still active and loose my fitness. My routine changed a lot while training for this race. I managed the training the best way I could. 

Chattanooga is not only great for active people but their venue is awesome for Ironman races. Easy to grab your pack and check in your bike. The town has shuttles available on the downtown area on race day. They start running at 4 am in the morning for triathletes and espectators. How cool is that? I thought it was pretty great. I stay at Staybridge suites, it is located one black away from the host hotel. They had a small studio, great for people that like to make their own carb loading food, on race day’s eve. I usually do that but this time, I had my own cheer squad (My brother and my dad). So we had dinner at a local pizza place, Community Pie. (YUMMY!)

THE MORNING OF: Decided to change a bit. Woke up and had oatmeal. I would have my bagel after setting up transaition. Why change what works? Grabbed all my bags, my dad said: “do you really need all of this?” Only you, triathlete knows that I do. Quick bus ride and it is time to set up transition. It does not take me too long, I was done and then, I seem to finally realize that I don’t have my bagel. But I am not worried and that was stupid.

SWIM: It wasn’t great but I expected. My training was not that consistent as it used to be. The course was in a weird shape: go up stream and then down the river. Luckily the current was not that bad, so I made it. It was crowded in the begining. I should have gone earlier, the line was huge and not having enough calories and wating for 50 minutes to start was painful. I was hAngry! ha!

T1: I saw my dad and it was worth the whole race. I could see he was proud. I guess it is different to see me doing it.

BIKE: I yelled to my dad: Be back in 3 hours. Then I thought: Will I? Ha! I lost one of my bottle of nutrition on mile 4-5 (1st rail road track I crossed), and decided not to go back to get it. Another bad decision. I went by feeling, decided not to worry about average. That was actually the only good decision I made the whole day. Every time I looked at it, I saw a 19+ average and I thougth to myself, my garmin is def broken. Finished in 2:57. Had to stop to grab gatorade. Had 2 gels and one bottle of accelerade, and 1 liter of water.It was hot, but I shuold have hydrated more.

T2: I didnt see anyone. I was a bit hungry and had nothing but gels on my transition (Really Nadia?? Really?). Had another one, grabbed my handbottle and went on to run. I was on target for my sub-6.

RUN: I had enough time. I was feeling awesome. Then, at 2.5 mile…it all changed. My body started to shut down. I was shiverring, cold and then, I reliazed I was in big trouble. Awwww, I was soooo mad at myself. But at that time, all I had to do was manage. Concentrate, run/jog/walk, drink and eat. I made it to the end but my worst half time ever in a 70.3, but I learned a lot about my body and how important is to kee the same habits. You dont question yourself when you know what you are doing.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Never change your routine. Always come back for your breakfast. Stop to grab your bottle. Those 3-4 extra minutes could become a 2:30 half marathon! Oh well, racing and learning. And my favorite part of this race was having my dad on the finish chute, seeing him was the motivation I needed to push the last mile.



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