I started as a runner but lately, I am in a love and hate relationship with my running shoes. And I have no idea why. Well, I do. I hate tired legs for running. As a triathlete, running on tired legs is mandatory but not so much fun. Whoever says it is fun, I dare to say that they could be lying. Ha! I mean, there is no worse feeling than not having strenght to move your heavy legs. Oh, yeah. Lately, Sundays have not been my favorite day of the week lately. (well, unless, there is a sub-2 half! woohhaa!)

Since my half marathon was last weekend. Now, my training is 100% focused on triathlon season. Not that I quit cycling and swimming, but I incorporated strength training, pilates and I would not get OCD when skipping a swim, a ride and a run (to be completely honest). I was dedicated but felt okay if I did not go. But Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 is just around the corner and I am determined to reach my goal: a sub-6 half. (Obsessive behavior expected till goal is reached. HINT: There are 3 70.3 races in my calendar year….)

Felt pretty good after the half and covered the swim on Monday. I was easy and short, so I did. It felt much better to move those legs. I dare to say it felt good to do some kick drills. Ha! Tuesday was more stretching: Pilates. OH, Loving it!!! Wed, 2 sports: swim and run. Check! Thu, a duo again: pilates and cycling. Friday, I was up late and I had to skip my run, but I did swim. Plus, remember that love and ate relationship? I was hating my running shoes that day. I gotta stop doing that. But I skipped my tempo run. Opsie!

Weekend is always fun. I decided to go up to Bud Plant in Cartersville, GA.   I have been there before and it was a pretty, fun and also, shorter ride. Ha! There are multiple distances and scenery is gorgeous. If you are around the area, you should give it a try. From Atlanta, I75 North, exit 296. It takes about 1 hour from Brookhaven. Far but totally worth it. I met 3 speedy people for the 50 mile ride (even though, my training said 40-45). I mean, what is extra 5-10 miles? Well, on a cold, hilly and windy. Omg! It was a lot more but totally worth it. So fun to get to know new training buddies.

Driving back, I could only think how miserable my run would feel today. I can not deny that I tried to find excuses not to do it. But I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with my own thoughts and decided that running could not only help my sub6 goal but also clear my head. I decided to do those 6 miles listening to my body, not my head.  So I left the phone, the water and I went out for that run. And I made it. I covered the pace requested by my coach. Sometimes, I underestimate ability to fight through pain and keep my body going. It looks like all the swim and bike is slowly improving my running. And I think I am in love with my shoes again. Have a great week everyone.


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