Cold out for a run? TRY this!

I love running, it helps me relax. During winter, I usually find excuses not to go outside so I am mostly do my training indoors. But instead of pushing myself, I cut them short. Treadmills drive me insane, I can’t relax looking at the TV. They get me anxious so I avoid them.

Running outside is challenging and relaxing. So this week, I decided to quit the treadmill. In order to make the best out of my running, I found out some strategies that can make it the winter running great or at least, get me out there to get back on my feet.

RunSolo_girltritalkDress for the weather. Runner’s World has a great tool. It helps decide what to wear for any weather. During winter, I wear a lot of layers. A running vest is a must, along with ear warmer and gloves. I won’t leave the house without them. Sometimes, I even wear a scarf to cover my neck. Yes, I have a really hard time if temperatures are under 50F.

Make it social. Get a buddy. It will hold you accountable and it will also help you make it through tough and cold times. My boyfriend always says that it is easier to suffer together. As much as I love solo running, group running can bring you back the motivation you are looking for.

Change the scenery. Whenever I lack of motivation, I change everything about the run. The place, the route and the time. I try something that I have never done before and it feels different. Just as if I was running the first time. And it works like a charm every time. Best strategy ever: you get your miles in and find a new running spot.




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