Medal Hanger: You can do it!

VIRB PictureLet’s be honest. Why do you run? I enjoy working out not only for food, I also have a plan to have an apartment where the walls are covered with bibs. Ha! Not really, but I enjoy putting the bibs up on the wall. It reminds me how far I have come when I look at them. What I didn’t realize was that I didn’t give much attention to the medals.

Yeah, my boyfriend suggested I put them up. I liked the idea to have all of them at the same place and not boxed somewhere where I can’t see them or hanging on the book shelf. After all, I have some pretty cool medals.

I did it

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Pretty nice, right? Yeah, they deserve their own space and my attention. I decided to shop for a medal hanger. Amazon sells some cools ones, but they are a bit expensive, about $45. Etsy has different price tags, from $30 and up. I could not find one that I absolutely love, they were either for runners only, triathletes only and motivational quotes. I have this thing that I only spend my money if it is something I can not stop thinking about, I have to absolutely love it. And I could not find one I loved it. Yes, I am picky. (In case you have not noticed that one yet. :-P)

I wanted something that I could change according to my mood, the season, my training. Seriously, how come I could have a triathlon medal hanger on running season? I know. I can’t help it. I couldn’t help it, so I, aka the least crafty person in the world, decided to do my own. My boyfriend laughed at me, he knows me too well, so I had to prove him wrong. And it turned out to be pretty easy and I love my medal hanger.

MEDAL HANGER  price: less than $15 difficulty: easy

What you will need

  • a piece of wood sign;
  • chalkboard paint;
  • chalk;
  • brush;
  • hooks (make sure they hold more than 3-4 pounds, some medals can be heavy!);
  • ruler;
  • tape.


TIP: The wood sign I purchased did not need to be sanded. (Score!! Less mess and less work for me). If the wood surface is not even, it might be better to sand before painting it. I am not crafty, so it was best to get one ready. $-)

1. Paint. Applied 2 coats of the chalkboard paint, one vertically and one horizontally as the instructions on package requested.

2. Dry time. Let it cure for 24 hours.

3. Lightly rub chalk over surface to condition. Water clean up.

4. Here you can use your imagination. You can use stickers or paint to customize it as you wish. I decided to leave as it is to make my medal hanger as customized as my mood. 🙂

5. Time to figure placement and spacing. I used a tape to help me to keep it aligned and a ruler make them placed at equal distance.

VIRB Picture6. Then, it is screw time! Yeap. All you have to do is really screw. I made a small hole with the hooks and then just started screwing them into the wood sign. I am not going to say it was pleasant but it turned pretty good for less than $15.

7. To add a little bit of personality, I included the Soas team sticker. After all, Soas is also part of my racing journey!

The final product is finally hung on my wall. I had to use hanging strips since Ido not own a screwdriver. Not only I was able to display my achievements, I have written my next 2 goals (Love Chalk!!!). It will be my daily reminder to kick butt! What do you think?




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