Norcross Blue Devils 5k

I am not a fast runner and besides genetics (yes, I am using that excuse. I am short and bulky!) , I have only myself to blame. Reason is I like my comfy zone. Yes, I love the 10 min pace, I embrace the fact that I can keep going like that for hours and hours. I enjoy the jogging pace. And that is okay, at least I thought it was. The second reason is that I do not give my own best on speed intervals. I know, I know…shame on me. But I am true to myself… Didn’t I just say I love jogging? 😁

This weekend things changed a bit. Some co-workers invited me a local 5k. I am a very competitive person at work, I thrive for results. My boss, half of my team and other departments were there. It was fun to see lots and lots of faces I knew. Everyone was pumped about it. My boss is 3 miles in 20 minutes kind of guy. I said: “Damn, that is fast” and he completed: “It is uncomfortable but you gotta push yourself. It is so short compared to what you do”.

It is true. To be fast, you have to be uncomfortable. Your heart beat is high, you are out of breath constantly and your legs are doing the only thing that they know: moving. Before the race started, I decided to get uncomfortable and that no one but 3 guys that are 7min/mile pace could pass me. No one else that I knew could pass me, if they did… I would have to pass them.

Race starts: I stayed close to my boss and I could not believe that I kept up with
him for almost 3/4 of mile. It was exhausting. He takes off, the other fast guys follow him. I keep moving forward and this new guy, a young analyst passes me. ARGH!! Seriously? I try to keep up but can’t. The hills were killing me but I keep him on sight. There is a turnaround point at mile 2, I can see it and remember that guy that passed me? He is walking, my chance to revenge. It is up hill and I pass him. Then, I see that guy that would just love to pass you, you know he will try to do it and he is only 30 seconds behind you. My legs start moving faster and he yells, “I am gonna get you”, I don’t reply but he knows he needs to catch me but what he doesn’t know is that I will not let that happen. And it doesn’t happen. He comes in 2 minutes and 20 seconds after I am done.

The fact that I knew people running pushed me to a level that I was never able to achieve before. I ran 3 miles in just about 26 minutes. I was determined. By the time, I finished my boss said: “you might have won your age group”. I thought that he was seriously joking but I waited for it…. To my surprise, I was the runner up for my age group. It was a small local race, but still I was so amazed at myself and mad at the same time. Yeah, I told you I was competitive. Got 2nd, already cleared up one of my 2015 resolutions. After the race, I went for 40 mile ride to sooth my wounded ego and from now on, I promise myself to give my only best on speed workouts.

my first πŸ†… πŸ’ƒ#2 on my age group!


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