Sufferfest: Indoor made REAL?

I love cycling. I learned how to love cycling. It was not until my second time training for an Ironman that I began to really love my bike. Seriously. A quick indication was that I started to get mad at my boyfriend for playing around with it for no reason. A bit obsessive, I know. I could not (still can’t) help it. The majority of people would:

  • think I am crazy,
  • tell me that I need to work on my issues, or;
  • ignore completely.

I totally get it. Unless you are in love with cycling, it is hard to understand why one can get so attached to a bike bikes. Now if you are a bike lover, you are probably thinking: “NOT CRAZY, NOT OBSESSIVE. I GET IT!”. After all, we develop a great relationship with them. Whitey and Blanca keep me company at times when I cannot even handle my own thoughts. Why can you not love them? (Yes, I name them. No judging, people!)

During winter, we usually get bored with all those trainer sessions, inside the living room, staring at TV and re-runs of the same shows over and over again. Even the most dedicated people will tell you, it can get boring. Sometimes, I hit the gym to do my trainer session, a change of scenery keeps me motivated.  Couple of friends mentioned “The Sufferfest” and told me it would keep me entertained. It is a bunch of  videos that promise that you will be riding like you never did. It sound super fun and I am very curious to try it out this weekend. How about you? Have you tried The Sufferfest yet?



One response to “Sufferfest: Indoor made REAL?

  1. I totally get it. I have 7 bikes and they all have names and specific uses. I’m not only a triathlete, though – I also mountain bike, race cyclocross, road, and will be doing some light touring on the bike next summer…clearly those all require specific bicycles 😉 Welcome to #bikelove

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