Things my MOM taught me

I can not believe it is almost Christmas. It seems that in the blink of a eye, all the year is gone. Looking in retrospect, it was a year full of events. As stubborn as I am, I try to find reasons and explications for everything that happens in my life. Even though it might be hard to understand why (and some I might still never understand), I gotta admit that all of those events (good and bad) taught me something or helped me become a better person in some way.

The most tragic event of my life happened this year. My mom passed away and that was is tough. She battled cancer for very little. Diagnosed in February, she left us in May. Cancer is an awful disease and she fought it so gracefully that no one knew she was suffering. The chemo therapies had no side effects (besides the tiredness) and she ate like an Ironman.

The last time I saw,  she was wearing a bright pink t-shirt and a dark purple blazer. They both matched the scarf on her head. We had a Starbucks coffee and a cheese bread at the Sao Paulo International Airport. She was so happy that I spent my birthday with her but so sad that I was leaving. We hugged really tight and I told her: “I will see you in October. Then we have to start planning that Italy trip. It will go by really fast, I will be right back”. I went to my plane and she sent me a voice message on whatsapp:

“Mom loves you a lot and I hope you come back to see me soon. God bless you a lot and mom loves you. That is all I have to tell you”.

I cried then and I still do today when I listen to it. (In fact, I just did). It sounded like goodbye, I was mad and I never replied it. I wish I did.

Parenting is probably not an easy task. I know being my mom was not easy and we were never best friends. As a good mom, she would really annoy me most of time. But I trusted her my life. Since I moved out of the house, our relationship became the best it could possible be. I had the space that I needed and I missed her. I bet that me moving away was not easy on her but we made it work. I talked to her every single day for the past 5 years, 1 month and 21 days. Some days more than once, we traded places and now I was the annoying one. Here are some of the things that I have learned from my MOM.

Always be yourself. Love your family. Love your dogs, they will be your side no matter what. Be bold. Take risks. Innovate your wardrobe. Appreciate nature. Meditate often. Go after you dreams. Smile often, walking around with a frown will wrinkle you. Organize you bills, closet and shoes, all color coordinated. Be kind to others. Eat healthy. Travel a lot. Celebrate every holiday and take lots and lots of pictures. At some point, those memories (in frames) will bring joy, happiness and tears.

She used to tell me that I was born ready for everything but that would not be truth if it wasn’t for her. She knew everything. Thank you, Mom.


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