Once a runner: always a runner?

My first love were my running shoes. After I quit smoking, of course. On my previous life, I loved a pack of cigarettes. Did YOU smoke?? The answer is YES! But I quit, long time ago. However, I have to confess that sometimes I feel the urge to try one…I know it is insane, but it is true. Probably subject to another post. Anyway, continuing… Running was my first love.

Before starting triathlon, I had ran a couple half marathons and one single full marathon. The marathon was so painful that while running I promised myself I would never do that again. By the time I got to the finish line i was suffering. My back was hurting really bad, so bad I could not run properly. I was running arched like I was over 100 years old. I had chaffing all over my bra. Not to mention blisters. It was disaster caught on camera by my boyfriend. I am not embarrassed about this finish (maybe a little, but we live and learn) but I cannot share the video. His Blackberry Bold (I know, I thought no one else had those anymore) quality is awful. But he registered loud and clear, a happy me, yelling: “I am coming back next year!”, like all the pain and suffering were gone by the minute someone gave me that shinny medal.  I mean if that is not LOVE, please tell me what is!

Running is my first LOVE. I ended up getting a bike because of a friend that I never see said it was SOOOOOO fun and I shuold try. I got a brand new bike and cycling was okay. In fact, I did not enjoy at all at first. But come on, I already had the bike, so I decided to start swimming and signed up for a sprint triathlon. I did the training and my coach at the time was confident. I was scared and let me tell you that OPEN WATER really FREAKED ME OUT. Somehow I made out of the water and finished it. It was so challenging, I was immediately hooked. Due to my experience on my first Sprint, the Iron Girl Atlanta, I dedicated the upcoming year to swimming. I did bike and run, but swimming classes became almost like a religion. I never missed a workout and it paid off.

The performance on the run and bike were clearly left behind. I never really liked the cycling, mostly because I sucked at it. But it was time to give it a little attention. The past 2 years was focused on getting to love the bike and I have to confess that I found this new passion: cycling. I feel like I CHEATED my first love. Finding the motivation to run has been hard, I just want to gab the bike and go long. It feels so invigorating like I used to feel when I started running. Now, I find myself torn between cycling and running. My cycling and swimming has showed great improvement in the past couple years. I mean, I am not winning by any means, but my times have improved.

Off season has started and cycling will be hard, unless I can find passion on the trainer, tsc… I would not go that far with my bike love. I am ready for running season. Will I love running again? The same way I used to love when I Just started? Or will cycling always be the OTHER?!


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