Prediction: IM 70.3 Augusta 2014

Augusta has a special place in my heart. Not because it was my first 70.3 but the because the crowd is just unbelievable. The whole city shuts down for the race. It is an awesome experience. If you are first timer, you will be hooked even before crossing the finish line.

The next Sunday will the 3rd time that I race Augusta 70.3. I feel that I know the course pretty well, so I have high expectations for my finish time. I usually say that is the biggest problem with getting a PR… however, if there are no mechanical or GI issues, it should be one. (I know that I am better trained). So on to the race day and course….

The day starts pretty early, driving to race site and parking. Yes, my swim wave is pretty late but parking can become a nightmare. Sitting, eating and waiting game starts. My swim wave is at 9 am. I should be out of the water between 29-34 minutes.

T1. Hopefully Ill be faster than the previous years. Let’s say 4-5 min.

Bike. That is really a question mark. I feel I improved so much but I have not done a repeat race since last year. But I lacked a lot of cycling training, no wheels and I managed to average 17 mph on the course. If I am able to reach the 18 mph, it would be rad!

T2. Again. FAST, FAST, FASTER!!! (3 min?)

Run. Quick math, it will be almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon. And it is usually HOT, HUMID and HOT. Hard times. Yes. If I am able to really push on the run after the bike, I will feel accomplished. (2:10, would be awesome!)

This whole math would be under 6 right? Well, hydration and keeping it strong. Augusta is always a good measure of training success to Florida. I love it. Driving Friday, resting Saturday and having a great day on Sunday. Wish me luck? No. Wish me fun!


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