Publix Half Marathon

Being in Atlanta for almost 5 years now, I have created a couple of traditions of my own. Two of my favorite races are located here and I make an effort to run them every year: Publix Half Marathon and Peachtree Road Race. There are not easy races and they challenge me every year. Publix Half happened March 23 and I was going for under 2…. Even though, my coach told me to go for 2:03.

The day before: It was an extra lazy day. I napped in the afternoon, had no coffee, told the boyfriend not to come over and went to bed super early. I wanted to be really rested. No complaints from him, he would hate the morning of.

The morning of: Woke up before the alarm went off. It was a cold morning. Perfect weather, low 50’s! Got ready, stopped at Dunkin Donuts for my usual race breakfast (bagel and cream cheese and orange juice), jumped into Marta (subway). Got there a bit later than I would like to, had to pass on the bathroom before the race.

The race: Got to see a couple friends right at the start line and the race had started. I feel super good in the first 3 miles, even though I really needed to stop by and pee (I eventually did stop on mile 4 or 5). My race was going pretty good (only 1 minute away from my goal) but at mile 9, I had to stop for bathroom again. Why did I keep drinking so much water? Right??? Right?? Right!!!! I know. By the time, I was off and running again. I was 5 minutes late. FIVE MINUTES!!!!! Wait What? I could not believe that, I pushed for the last 4 miles really hard. Those hills, yes. ALL HILLS! I pushed as hard I could and I made it to 2:03. Almost under 2. Felt pretty good to be 7 minutes faster than last year, but man, I wanted under 2. I tried to justify that I did not give my all but the pictures show the complete opposite. I was fighting through those last miles. I am proud but hoping to get under 2 soon.


2014_publixhalf2Overall, I think I had a great race. I have learned that I should drink way less on a 50F weather. And be early, you never know how long the lanes for the bags check will be. Boyfriend would be proud of this.  And even though, I am not under 2 hours, I was pretty proud and excited to be where my coach believed I should be, which was at 2:03. Next time, I’ll make sure to prove him wrong.

#TEAMSOAS represented on Publix Half Marathon 2014.


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